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May Long Weekend, Cannabis, COVID-19

May Long Weekend: Cannabis and COVID-19

How to Optimize Your May Long Weekend

Throughout North America, people are approaching a may long weekend, unlike any ever before. It’ll be the first set of summer vacations since the world experienced the Coronavirus global pandemic. The likes of which have not been seen in one-hundred years. 

Up first is my home province of British Columbia with Victoria Day on Monday, May 18. That is the day we honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday by having our first summer holiday weekend. Most of the rest of Canada has their Victoria Day on May 25. This is the same day as Memorial Day in the states. Americans and Canadians alike have struggled with this virus and stay-at-home orders. 

Each State and Province are suffering through the same problem but to varying degrees. All sorts of things like travel, population density, early action, politics, economics, and size all come into play. But we’re not going to get into that can of worms. Some of us will be able to go outside and have fun, others will be forced to find a way to enjoy being in their home. I know it’s been a long time for many people, but I think we can still make the best of it. Do what you can with what you got. 

Today, we’re talking about an entirely new kind of may long weekend. I suspect many people will be uncertain of what to do and how to adapt. And a good chunk of these people will also be smoking weed throughout the weekend (although some of us are doing that every day already). This weekend is different since everyone else is off as well. So, I walked to talk about adapting to this new and challenging situation.

I already talked about loss and adaptation. I’ve always found adaptability to be an underrated skill. 

Cannabis joint on a walk by the river
May Long Weekend Cannabis Joint Walk anyone?

Changing How you get high

Now is a great time to try out edibles if you haven’t already. You can legally buy them in Canada and several US states like California, Colorado, and more. You can also buy legal weed online in Canada. If you’re low on weed, read more about managing your stash!

It seems like a good weekend to try something new in a safe set and setting (since you’ll be stuck at home anyway). You could create cannabis extracts at home. You can make cannabis oils with minimal effort. There are plenty of resources and videos online to help guide you through.

making Infused cannabis products with my magical butter machine
Making an infused tincture with already vaped bud – AVB

Enjoy the positive set and setting

Your home should be a safe space. It is your space that you’ve filled with your creature comforts. It shouldn’t really be all that terrible inside. Think of new activities you can do inside your home. This may be new hobbies or doing that first deep clean ever. Springtime may almost be over, but why not do a spring clean! Since you may have to blaze alone, check this post out. Need a bit more guidance, read about thriving during COVID-19.

Trailer full of spring-cleaning household stuff
Time for a late spring clean? Maybe not this much

Think of ways to get away from people

City parks and beaches are going to be a mess. As someone who has always attempted to find the emptiest area possible, I have some suggestions. Look outside the normal. Think about going just a little bit further away for something with fewer people. Pull out Google maps, zoom out around you, and look for patches of green. If you have a car, zoom out even further. Just take a drive down the highway, turn down random roads, and find secluded spots for a walk around. Farming areas may not have the best sidewalks, but they have lots of space for walking. When businesses are closed, business districts can be quieter than you would think.

Go Walking

I talk about walking often, I love it. For me, just getting outside and walking for an hour or two is a great treat. It can be walking around the same neighbourhood I’ve always walked. I just take a few different turns and wander endlessly. I let my mind wander while listening to some great music. All while enjoying some weed. One of the best parts of May Long Weekend is the empty city streets. Perfect for walking with a joint.

Enjoying your yard, flower, and some weed
stop and smell the not-roses

Listen to Music

Like just listen to music, while sitting there ad not doing anything else. We can’t go to concerts, so start having private concerts at home again. All about the gram….I know you can insta it and stuff, but who gives a crap right now. Get off your phone, turn on a great album, and listen to it front to back.

Get OFF Your Phone

We’re all stuck inside our own home right now. This is likely to impact us in different ways. So if you want to go online and see others to feel a connection, then go for it. But we do that all the time anyway. Why not just get away from the phone, like completely and entirely for just a day, or maybe even three! Avoiding your phone can help you sleep better, deepen your connections, bring more attention to the present, and help with productivity and learning. What’s not to like!

a joint plus a amazing view and time outside
Enjoying some Marijuana and fresh air on a nice long walk

Start a Reasonable Project

With the incredible amount of diverse videos and guides online, you can learn just about anything. Now is a great time to start a new hobby. Bonus points for anything that requires you to spend no money. Or at least as little as possible. Before you buy that new tool, gear, or supplies, spend a lot of time online to determine how likely you are to actually finish it. Preferably, start with something small. Don’t go straight to building a new deck, start with a small wooden chest. 

Spend time Doing Nothing

When is that last time you did nothing? Or at least got baked and did as little as possible? What better time to sit and listen to the wind blowing and birds chirping. Lay on the floor and just take deep breaths. Just try for a little while. See how long you do can nothing? Try to do a bit more ‘nothing’ each day.  This May long weekend is the perfect time to give it a try!

Enjoying the view of toronto from an apartment
Gotta stay inside, hope you got a good view and some weed!

Social Distancing with friends

You may have to get creative here, but find ways to get close enough to friends who make you feel good. Grab some chairs and sit outside in a big circle. Find a chunk of grass and spread out. Video chat if you gotta do it. You can always be sitting outside or going for a walk while you have a phone chat with friends. 

Get Royally Ripped

Can you afford it? Is your to-do list done? All you got ahead of you are three days off this May Long Weekend? Then go for it and enjoy getting holiday level baked. This weekend is the perfect chance for some good wake and baking. Get super-high while outside, walking around and enjoying nature. Pack yourself a picnic and enjoy some weed with your wine, cheese, and crackers. Spend some time in your backyard. For those lucky enough to have one, make use of it! We pay so much money to own this green space, so make use of it. If you aren’t perfectly comfortable back there, work on it to make it your personal haven


Arnold Warkentin

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