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How To Say No To Spliffs

Why You Should Avoid Combining Tobacco and Cannabis

This article will explore what a Spliff is and why they should be avoided. We’ll go past the obvious reasons to avoid tobacco through a more in-depth conversation about how cannabis and tobacco are smoked. B by the end, you’ll learn how to say to spliffs politely.

What is a Spliff

The term used to describe using a mixture of cannabis and tobacco within one joint (or in a single bowl if using a pipe or bong). I have heard people call a regular joint a Spliff, but it seems to be used most often with including tobacco into the mix. The exact ratio depends on the person rolling, but it can be about 50/50 tobacco and weed. Some people smoke spliffs with mostly tobacco, and just a sprinkle of weed. This practice made sense when bud is scarce, and you gotta spread it out. Now we have more access than ever, but managing usage is still critical. But this doesn’t require tobacco filler, there are better options.

Some outdoor grown cannabis

Not talking about Blunts

It is unlike a Blunt, which uses the rolling paper of a cigar (or similar product). The product is hollowed out, removing all the tobacco. Cannabis then replaces the tobacco, and the Blunt is then smoked. Blunts are an excellent option for special joints but are not the best for regular consumption. This is because the wraps do contain nicotine, around 1–6 mg. Equal to approximately 1/10 of a cigarette. This regular taste of nicotine may lead you down the slippery slope of craving tobacco.

Unlike spliffs, which are more common in Europe and Eastern Countries, the Blunt is more popular in North America. I’ve heard stories of Europeans who because addicted to nicotine because they wanted to smoke weed, and everyone only smoked spliffs around them. Others became more likely to say yes to tobacco after initial exposure to Blunts. Both should be avoided for several reasons, the main being harms. Since these are talked about quite enough already, I’ll focus more on some other reasons why I don’t like combining tobacco and cannabis.

European and North American habits

The Harms of Tobacco

Unlike Cannabis, Tobacco use is clearly and definitively associated with numerous cancers. I think most everyone will tell you that smoking tobacco is bad for you and should be minimized at all costs. I won’t be taking on that role here. The reason why I hate spliffs goes beyond the (well-known) health risk of tobacco. It is about the way that each substance is smoked and how combining them is not a good use of either drug.

Beyond the Health Risks of Tobacco: Why I Hate Spliffs

I hate Spliffs because these two substances are smoked differently, and combining them ruins both while adding nothing productive. I understand how sprinkling a little cannabis can add some kick to your cigarette and helps make your stash last. That said, I think are better ways to moderate you use to conserve your supply.

How does on smoke a joint

Usually with small puffs, or tokes. Little inhales into the mouth that are then drawn into the lungs. These tokes are then held for a brief moment and slowly exhaled. As a joint gets beyond the halfway smoked point, these puffs can get smaller and smaller as the smoke becomes hotter and more spicey (the word I use for it, describing the burning feeling).

How does one smoke a cigarette

Generally, cigarettes are smoked through drags, with long and steady inhales. The smoke is inhaled into the lungs briefly, and then quickly released. Little puffs can do, as larger ones can stress the lungs.

Why Tobacco and Marijuana Don’t Mix

Holding Tobacco Smoke Sucks

Ever tried holding your breath while your lungs are full of tobacco smoke? What I’ve found is while this may or may not increase nicotine absorption, it can lead to head rushes, dizziness, or nausea. To avoid these negative symptoms, the smoke inhaled from a spliff must be held for less time and more quickly released.

Burn rates and spiciness

As mentioned, reefer cigarettes (Joints) gets spicy and hot as it burns towards the filter. Tobacco cigarettes are pretty similar from start to finish. However, the smoke does get hotter as you get close to the filter. No tobacco is wasted as one smokes right up to the screen. This means that you can consistently smoke a cigarette from start to finish, while a joint starts big and slows down as it burns down.

A Roach


As a joint gets smaller, it becomes extra spicy and hot. This can make it difficult to take more than tiny tokes that are held for less time than earlier puffs. Generally, smoking a joint means smoking it for as long as you can tolerate it before the roach is either tossed or saved for future use. Some people break down the roach to smoke the rest of the weed in a bong or entirely new joint.

Another Roach


If you are alone and like spliffs, that is great, but smoking is often a social activity. This means that after you roll a joint, you may find a few people want to join you. This is instantly complicated with you mix in tobacco, as many Cannabis users actively avoid smoking tobacco. There may be a group of people who smoke both, but you are excluding people who only smoke either one.

  • Managing your dose
  • Some specific tips that fit here nicely
  • Roll smaller joints if you want to smoke less
  • Talk to a doctor about smoking cessation options
  • If you don’t already smoke tobacco, say no to it

How to say no to a spliff

Say thanks for the offer, I do appreciate it. I don’t smoke tobacco and don’t like how the effects mix. I could roll myself a small joint, use some glassware, or some other suitable replacement if you are still willing to share your weed. Something along those lines, broken down like this. A. say no, nicely (add in a ‘thank you’) B. Explain that you don’t want tobacco briefly, they don’t need a lecture or your full life history C. Suggest alternatives (if you have your own weed, just say you’ll join them with a personal joint/bowl/etc. Repeat saying thanks, confirm if they are willing to share the marijuana itself if you’d like to explore one of those alternatives.


Beyond the healths risks associated with tobacco, mixing it with weed to form a Spliff is inefficient, impractical, and wasteful. It is ineffective because these two substances are smoked, held, and exhaled differently from the other. It is wasteful because the Spliff often has to be tossed as it gets spicy from the weed while perfectly good tobacco waits closer to the filter. If you smoke it like a cigarette, without holding the smoke at all, you are also possibly absorbing fewer cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Lastly, it is impractical because tobacco and cannabis users often prefer only one of the two and will not be able to smoke a Spliff.


Arnold Warkentin

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