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Running Low on Weed: How to Manage Your Stash

Making the Most of What You Got

This article is for those who are running low due to the COVID-19 crisis, or just want to ration supplies better. It is also geared toward those who wish to manage consumption reasonably like we manage our diets, sleep, and exercise levels. Reducing how quickly we go through our stash also helps to save money.

Shifting from a scarcity mindset to one based on self-growth and productivity. COVID-19 is forcing us all to adapt to our new normal. Let’ hope this period passes as soon as possible. In the meantime, many of us may struggle with a dwindling stash. We’ll discuss how to extend the time this product lasts, and make the most of the high you do get to enjoy. 

That final bud, don’t get this low on your supply

Tolerance Breaks: T-Breaks

A T-break may be an alternative consideration for some. But I’m not focusing on T-breaks today, this post is about managing that daily dosage. Specifically for recreational consumers, although medical patients may find benefits. As always, medical cannabis patients should follow professional medical guidance and not making changes in your medicine without proper consultation. I’ll write an entire blog on this topic real soon.

So the average recreational cannabis consumer may be finding themselves low on their usual stash of weed. The goal will avoid becoming dankrupt (being entirely out of cannabis). There are a few reasons why this may be happening, we’ll explore them below. Then we’ll discuss some practical tips. 

Can you still get your cannabis?

Luckily for Canadians, we can at least order cannabis online, which I discussed here. If you’re wondering what you’ll find on legal cannabis labels, read this. Many American states now consider cannabis an essential service during this time, so I hope access remains alright. 

Are you struggling financially? 

Due to financial struggles and physical access problems, many of us may be running low on weed. Reports of people spending their stimulus checks on weed probably underestimate the total number of people deciding to spend some of that money on marijuana. Focus on your rent, bills, and buying good food. If you don’t have money leftover for cannabis after all of that, then you’re reading the right guide.

Stuck at home?

We may be stuck at home, and even worse, not able to smoke inside. I’ll discuss this topic in more detail soon! Some may be switching to alternatives. And those alternatives may also be running low. This article applies to all types of cannabis products. Whatever your preferred delivery method is, you may be running low on your supply.

Stay in as much as you can

Solo Blazing

Spending more time blazing alone than usual, read about there here. Along with the many adjustments we are all making during COVID-19, changing our consumption habits is worth considering. This extra time alone can be great for self-reflection. This can be a time for personal growth and exploration, although it may feel seriously crappy right now.

Learning to get the most out of your cannabis

Edibles are great because there are less wasted THC and CBD compounds in the delivery process. If using cannabis oil, test out smaller doses and different times of the day to get the effects you want. For those smoking vape pens, stick to one or two drags per session. If you’re smoking joints, only smoke half at a time and store the rest in an airtight container like a doob tube. 

Find your Baseline

Find out how you have left, measure it out if you can. Otherwise, split it into portions based on bud size by eye. The first step to planning out how to maintain your stash is to find out how much you have to start. It’s also a good idea if you have a rough estimate of your daily consumption usually. Track this as well. 

Once you know how much you got, and how many days it will last you at your current pace, you can adjust your pace. By this, I mean to reduce your daily dose as needed to extend the period before you go dankrupt. Split your stash into portions based on how many days you’ll need it to last. Those biweekly medication containers work great for this role, but anything can do. 

A Guide to Managing Your Stash

This guide is going to be divided into two sections. First, a nice bullet point list of general practical tips. After that, I’m going to dive into a few topics that require more than a bullet point to explain. 

  1. See how long you can hold off that first blaze, and then beat that time
  2. Increase your activity, get any exercise you can (cleaning totally counts!)
  3. Increase time spent on your sober hobbies
  4. If you don’t have those, get some (think reading, crafts, collecting, etc.) 
  5. Make yourself earn the high, through chores, physical activity, reading a whole book, or similar actionable goal while at home. Gradually increase the difficulty and time required to earn the same reward
  6. Practice mindfulness while high
  7. Remove distractions and focus on the high (and one significant activity, from meditating to a movie or writing in your journal) 
  8. Turn off notifications and electronics that can interrupt the flow of the high. Get lost in the activity
  9. Remember that less is more, a lot more weed may only get you a little bit more high
  10. Spread out the high, smoke smaller joints or put them out to be relit the next session (doob tubes are the way to do for joints)
  11. Talk to those around you about what you’re doing, ask for support and understanding (if needed, like if you get a little short with them)
  12. Expect some negative moods, or potentially feeling a bit flat while sober. Counter these with good food, proper exercise, and positive social interactions. 
  13. Address these negative states of mind with something positive (healthy food, exercise, reading a good book, talking with a loved one over video while at home)
  14. Create more boundaries in your work/home/cannabis/life situation. Like no blazing during work hours, no blazing when spending time with your partner, etc.
  15. Roll smaller joints, pack smaller bowls, take smaller dabs, less edible or oil, etc
  16. Don’t replace the high with another drug (coffee, alcohol, tobacco) 
  17. But do allow minor increases in other recreational drugs that you already consume and continue to consume for a small period. Like 3 days or only on lockdown weekends. 
  18. Try to appreciate the benefits of more sober hours, whatever they look like I’m your life
  19. Remember that this is your choice. Continue to make good choices, it’s all you can do
  20. If you hit a hiccup in the road, just let it go and move on the next day, get back on track
  21. Spend more naked time just listening to music and sitting still (or dancing along!)
  22. Space the time out between each session, increase this period each day or week

Further Management Strategies

Reading More

Obviously, I’m biased, as I’m writing this blog, and you’re reading it. But I love writing and reading, and I wish more people had developed a love for these empowering skills in these modern days. People were mostly illiterate, not that many decades ago. Being able to read and write is tied to civil movements, free speech, human rights, and so much more. Read a story that sounds exciting to you. Or read a book about a skill or topic you want to learn about. 

Remember Why You Want to Get High

What is the point of getting high for you? Is it for entertainment, sleep, stress, or other symptomatic relief? While you may be low on weed, picking behaviors that support these goals without weed is one place to start. Meditate, stretch, get away from your phone, cook a meal at home, or whatever it is that supports your goals for getting high. If you want to use weed to sleep, then you gotta save it for near bedtime. Combine it with turning off devices an hour before bed and other sleep hygiene tips. If you want to use cannabis to exercise more, then only blaze before doing exercise. 

Remember why you’re getting high

Spend Time Paying Attention to the Effects

Ever notice how it feels like you get more high from a daytime dose than the same evening dose? Generally, the difference is the environment and what we’re doing. It depends on how many distractions we got going on, how many screens actively lit, and how many buzzes and vibrations from incoming whatever.

If It Rains, It May Not Pour

If you get more weed due to some miracle or otherwise before you’re out of the daily allotment. Try to maintain the same pace, and not change because of it. Unless you definitely have no trouble getting more, then enjoy a special day with a bit extra weed out of your stash.

Final Tips to expand what you got

Times of low supply are when one must consider how to get some more out of what you don’t realize you got. For example, check out your grinder for kief sticking to the walls inside of it. Check the catcher if your grinder has one (the very bottom ring, you may not have noticed it). If you vape bud, keep the already-vaped-bud (AVB) and make cannabis oil out of it to get any missed THC compounds. Check your house for that hidden stash you may have forgotten. Scraping the resin off bowls and glassware should be a last resort for those in desperate need. 

A bit too clean, but worth a scrape

Final Thoughts 

Managing your stash to make it last isn’t always easy. But a few small steps now can ensure you get more days of enjoyment out of what you got. You may realize that you don’t miss larger doses and more frequent sessions once you get used to smoking less frequently. Treat this entire process as a learning opportunity and a chance for personal growth. Use this time as best you can, work toward your goals, and maintain good mental health through proper diet, exercise, and sleep habits.



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