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Five Great Things about 2018: Canadian Cannabis Legalization


Yesterday I talked about not-so-great aspects of the cannabis rollout in Canada so far. Today, I’ll be talking about five great things about this Canadian Movement.


The year 2019 will see further layers of legalization, as cannabis edibles, beverages, extracts, and topicals become legal on October 17. The first anniversary of The Cannabis Act coming into force. These regulations are now in the consultation period, which I’ll be talking more about soon. For those who want to take a look and have their voices heard, visit Here for more Information, and Here for providing Feedback to Health Canada.


  1. We Did It – Canada legalized Cannabis. Uncertainty, fear-mongering, and political-positioning reigned throughout the process, but so did the voice of Health Canada. Canada created a highly regulated and restricted model. While it may not work for other countries, and while there may be many flaws with it, we still got it done. For that, I am incredibly proud to be Canadian.
  2. We Created – We created new jobs, new opportunities, and new tax revenues, all by ending prohibition. We created Canadian Intellectual property, expanding our genetics library along with the entire collection of technologies now applied to Cannabis. We absorbed an enormous amount of financial capital that is now creating real buildings, infrastructure, and jobs that will stay here in Canada.
  3. We Conversed – More Canadians than ever are partaking in discussions about Cannabis. Canada is a diverse country with people coming from a vast variety of cultures, that are stronger together because of this diversity. Instead of pushing cannabis advocates into the shadows of illegality, we created the space for these people to come forward and have real conversations.
  4. We Overcame Stigma and Discrimination – To get where we are, we have to overcome an incredible amount of global and local stigma and discrimination. People are rightly concerned about public health and safety, and I feel that we have gotten to a point where we can have rational conversations about the risks of Cannabis consumption. What I hope to see more of in 2019, is a balanced and rational discussion of all the pros and cons of Cannabis consumption.
  5. We Criticized – There are many people unhappy with the current state of Cannabis legalization. There are some calling in Prohibition 2.0, and these people should have their voices heard. We live in a democratic society where we can use our free speech to criticize things we don’t like. We can be vocal about the change we want to see. Being vocal is what got us to where we are right now, and it is what will get us to an even better place by the end of 2019.



These are just a few of the great things that we should all step back and appreciate. Yesterday I talked about spending time reflecting on the year that passed, even the things that weren’t so great. Today I am hoping that this more positive post will help shape your hopes and goals for 2019. The next time you get high, take some time to reflect on 2018, and all the positive things that you want to foster even further in 2019.


My goals involve overcoming even more stigma and discrimination, having more conversations with different people. I want to meet more people working in this new legal industry, and appreciate the things they are creating. I feel that this country is stronger now than it was in 2018, and I hope we finish 2019 in an even better position. I believe we can get there together, through continued effort to have our voices heard and changes made that we want to see.


Thanks for reading!


Arnold Warkentin

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