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A New Year of Cannabis: Turning the Page on 2018 and Entering 2019


I’m now a few days late on this post. 2019 seems to be starting where 2018 ended regarding the lightning-fast speed at which the days disappear. With so much going on over the last four months, I have not been writing nearly as often as I’d like. One of my goals for 2019 is to write more often. My goal is to write about topics that potential, new, and long-time consumers of Cannabis will find informative.


And so, on that note, here are five not-so-great things about Cannabis Legalization in Canada in 2018. I will do five great things in my next post!


Not-so-Great Things about Canadian Cannabis Legalization in 2018


  1. Packaging – there is too much of it, and it’s not even recyclable. Health Canada and the Licensed Producers both need to be the same page about trying to improve the environmental sustainability of Cannabis in Canada. As we discuss regulations surrounding edibles, extracts, and topicals (I’ll have a post up soon), we also need to consider this important topic.
  2. Availability – supply shortages have varied by province, but have been a constant point of complaint. I understand why, as someone who walked into a Montreal government cannabis store (SQDC) to find only three products (one indica oil, two high-CBD strains). After leaving Quebec, I went to Ontario, where there were no retail stores (and won’t be any until April 1st, 2019). I could have ordered online, but I had concerns with the delivery time-frame and the realities of getting a delivery to a hotel.
  3. Government red-tape – the speed at which the different provinces made decisions and moved on legislation has presented an interesting case study for comparison. I think we should all use this opportunity to see how well our municipal and provincial governments perform, and how well they meet your needs. Keep all of this in mind as all levels of government elections occur moving forward.
  4. After it’s sold – The federal government has been concerned with the seed-to-sale of cannabis, along with promotion and marketing. All-in-all, they’ve done a pretty good job creating a system with regulated and safe products. What they haven’t done, is consider the realities of consumer experiences, and the need for legislation and infrastructure that meets the needs of cannabis consumers.
  5. Education and Mental Health – while I feel that progress has been made, and so many more conversations are being had all over Canada, there is a huge knowledge gap out there right now. We are being told not to get high if we’re pregnant or driving. We are being told Cannabis is harmful to youth. What I am not seeing discussed, are things like how do you deal with paranoia while high, or what benefits there could be for your sleep quality. Whether a substance has a positive or negative effect on our lives is primarily based on how we utilize it and in what quantity and frequency.



Looking Back, Self-Reflection while High


Looking back at 2018 is something we should all do. We should all take the time to reflect upon our experiences and use the insights gained to improve things moving forward. If you haven’t done this just yet, that’s fine; you can do this anytime. You can also do it in many different ways. One way to possibly improve this self-reflection is to do it while High. For those already getting high sometime soon, try to make some time for self-reflection after you get baked. Focus your thoughts on you, and your 2018. What did you do that worked, what didn’t work? What habits were helpful, what thoughts or beliefs may have been harmful? Is there something you changed your mind about in 2018?


Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!


Arnold Warkentin

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