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Why I’m Doing This: Creating Informed Consumers of Cannabis

Why am I doing this? Consider this to be my Letter of Intent, meant to clarify my intentions for this blog and my writing.


Why I’m Doing This: Creating Informed Consumers of Cannabis


Firstly, this blog is directed at adults, with the goal of helping them make informed, purposeful, and legal choices. I am not encouraging the use of medicinal or recreational cannabis. I try to facilitate informed decisions regarding Cannabis use. Decisions that should also include the guidance of medical professionals before making major changes in your life.


Secondly, So much of this is new to me, and I am learning new things every day. I hope to share this useful information and experience with you. The shift in the sociocultural and political landscape around cannabis has evolved dramatically this past decade.


Thirdly, with this shift, there has been an increase in the quantity of click-bait and sensationalized posts claiming that Cannabis will cure all ills while being based on anecdotes or exaggerated research. I intend on writing a sensible and evidence-informed collection of articles that are based on science. Biology and pharmacokinetics help us understand the microscopic effects of Cannabis (THC and CBD). Broader social and cultural topics (stigma, prohibition, legalization) will help us understand the big picture. Psychological research fills in the blanks in between, at the intersection of consciousness, behavior, health, and society




The What, How, When and Why


I will help answer questions about what, how, when, and why. What is cannabis and what effects does it have? How do you use weed? When is it helpful to use marijuana? Why does it do what it does? Consider me a tour-guide, pointing you towards significant landmarks, giving you the tools to explore them yourself, and the knowledge to understand what to expect



Translating Research


Research seems to use a whole new language while being impossible to find and dense to read. Luckily for all my readers, I love the stuff. Not only do I enjoy reading the scientific material, but I also pride myself on my ability to translate it into easily understandable and digestible chunks. I want to cover essential topics from the small (microbiology, pharmacology), to the big (social, cultural), and everything in between (personal mental health, habits, and behaviors). While we explore the small and the large, we will learn from basic, applied, and translational research. Quantitative research helps illuminate the numbers, facts, and statistics. Qualitative research helps us understand the phenomenon that is sentient existence




Why Me?


I feel that I am uniquely educated and experienced in a way that makes me the ideal candidate to explore this content. I consider myself a student of humanity, from the physiological, through the psychology and into the broader cultural and social. I want to help people, and this is a way I feel that I can do that. Whether you are a new user with no complaints, someone with anxiety, depression, and pain issues, or a medicinal client due to other spasticity or cancer-related issue, I can help in some small way at least.



Helping You Navigate


Beyond explaining dense research in ways that will help you in your life, I want to help new and old users alike navigate all aspects of our lives while practicing responsible and informed use. I want to help people avoid the panic attacks, negative intrusive thoughts, and physical discomforts. I want to help people learn more about their values, beliefs, moods, and behaviors to see the impact of these on our mental health and well-being.



New Experiences


My long-term plans involve growing marijuana plants with the legal home limit. I hope to document this experience and share instructional information to help others do the same (again, once legal). I intend on increasing my knowledge regarding the new products and forms of cannabis becoming available every day. As I continue to learn and progress along this path, my goal is to help you to be better informed.


What Do I Want You to Gain?


  • The insights to change expectations and beliefs
  • The tools to build Knowledge
  • The confidence to gain experience
  • The self-awareness to guide you along the way


Health and Wellness


These overlapping factors affect everything in our lives. Intoxicating substances can be harmful or beneficial, positive or negative, fantastic or devastating. These effects depend on how the substance is consumed and in what quantity. Multiple other biological, psychological, and social factors are used. From the way we ingest cannabis, to factors like the rate of inhalation and depth, the outcome can change. I want each of you to be informed so that you can make informed decisions regarding your health and wellness. I want my readers to be confident and to feel in control of your lives.



To Be Continued…


In conclusion, the upcoming posts will be covering all these essential topics, adding just enough science so that you know what you need to know. I will use everyday terms and explain vital terminology in ways that anyone will be able to understand. Where some science is needed, I will ensure that anyone can understand, no science degree required. If you have any questions, comments or inquiries, please use the form below to contact me!


Arnold Warkentin


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