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What is Hash?

Hash, also known as Hashish, is a mechanically extracted and concentrated finished product. The base material is specifically the Resin, which is produced by glands, discussed below.





These glands are called Trichomes. We have discussed how Trichomes are located on the bud of the cannabis plant, secreting a mix of Cannabinoids and Terpenes. A mature female plant that is not fertilized by a male Cannabis plant will tend to produce more resin out of the Trichomes.



A Brief History Lesson


The term Hashish is thought to have originated nearly a millennium ago. There was a particular sect of Islam (Shiite branch) known as Nizari Ismaili, that was led by Hasan ibn-Sabah (1050-1124). This period is known for the Crusades, the church-sanctioned attempts at controlling the Eastern Mediterranean region.


During the 11th century, a dark and mystery collective of individuals gained notoriety with assassinations of high-ranking members of society. The term assassin grew from these individuals and was associated with the Hash that they smoked. This led to the belief that consuming Hashish would turn a normal person into a murderer, or assassin.



Cultivating Hashish


In 1839, O’Shaughnessy wrote about his experiences in India learning about Indian Hemp. He discussed stories of men in leather running around Cannabis fields, collecting resin on their clothing. To collect an even finer product, naked men would run around Cannabis fields, scraping off the fine sticky powder. The collected Resin would then be rolled into balls and sold. As this method is neither quick nor effecient, Moroccan growers created a siew method. The dried buds are pressed through a fine woven silk to separate out the plant matter not desired.




Hash is made from the dry sticky resin of the flowers of the female cannabis plant. In oil form, it appears as a sticky black liquid. The Resin is not pollen, although it has been mistaken for it. The male Cannabis plant releases pollen to fertilize female plants.



The Hash High


Since Hash is made from Resin, without the other parts of the Cannabis plant, it tends to be low on THC (for a concentrated product) and relatively high on CBD. The distinct and spicy aroma of Hash causes a subtle but exotic high. The psychoactive effect is subtle due to the relatively low THC content (Depends a lot on how much you smoke, remember it is an concentrated product). This mellow and anxiety-free high is not nearly as potent as local Cannabis Strains made here in North America.



Personal Experiences


I have only seen Hash a few times in my life. It does not appear to be popular in the illicit drug market used by millennials. I was given a sample once, and I remember being so uncertain about what the heck to do with it. According to the Health Canada, 11% of Cannabis users smoked Cannabis in the form of Hash during the past three months. See the rest of my summary by clicking here. Hash is dense, like brown sugar packed tight and dried out. It somewhat crumbles, but the since it is sticky it tends to stay in clumps. The high density makes it burn slowly and for extended periods. I remember breaking some off and trying to smoke it in my little pipe, having only minor success.



Smoking Hash


Hash is not often used for Joints, although I have heard that you can mix it in with the Marijuana. Doing so would slow down the burning time and possibly the relative CBD percentage. I have not tried myself so I cannot say for sure. The other way is by breaking it up and smoking it through Bong and Pipes. If you are doing it this way, I suggest you start with a small piece. I would suggest treating it like a piece of coal (highly compact and slow burning). It will take longer to light, but the piece should burn for a longer period.



Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis


From what I am aware of, Hash is not prescribed in Canada for Medicinal Cannabis. Whether Hash will become popular or fade into obsurity in the Recreational Cannabis market is yet to be determined.


Arnold Warkentin

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