Informed High - Becoming Informed about Cannabis

Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis

This blog will discuss some basic information involving Recreational Cannabis and Medicinal Cannabis use


Recreational Cannabis


Refers to the non-medical use of Cannabis. This includes personal consumption for enjoyment and productivity. It also would consist of (in my opinion) the use of Cannabis for unsupervised self-medicating. Individuals with undiagnosed issues related to dietary or sleep concerns may utilize Recreational Cannabis without medical supervision or permission.


This illicit and uninformed utilization of Cannabis is unhelpful for citizens. As countries consider and move towards recreational cannabis consumption, many of the benefits of such an action will be seen.



Medicinal Cannabis (MC)


Medicinal Cannabis refers to the use of Cannabis that is based upon a medical diagnosis and prescription. Currently, Medicinal Cannabis is legal in Canada, along with 29 US states. This number continues to grow, with roughly 24 countries allowing the use of Medicinal Cannabis with various restrictions.


Legalization of Recreational Cannabis


Canada is currently working on legislation to legalize the use of Recreational Cannabis for adults. While this is a continuing work in progress, I will be talking about this topic further in the future.


The Focus of Informed High



Medicinal Cannabis


Since the use of recreational cannabis is currently not legal, I will be writing for the medicinal product. In future posts, we will explore the chemistry of Cannabis and the evidence around what Cannabis can do.


Recreational Cannabis


I do not intend to promote recreational cannabis. When Cannabis becomes legal, I plan on advocating for informed consumption of Cannabis. Topics that will be discussed once legal include cultivating Cannabis plants at home and consumption of a variety of Cannabis products through new products. The legalization of Recreational Cannabis will be an exciting and challenging process. I hope to facilitate the creation of informed recreational cannabis consumers once the prohibition is officially ended.


The future of Informed High



The Science of Cannabis


In the coming weeks, I will be attempting to illuminate everything that could be important to a medicinal cannabis user. I will be exploring the science of cannabis. There are many known health benefits from the effects of CBD specifically, not THC.




The Psychology of Cannabis


I will also be exploring the psychology of Cannabis, looking at everything from anxiety, depression, and pain, to exercise, wellbeing and practical tips. I will not be investigating profound psychological concepts, instead I will be discuss only those topics I feel will help create more informed Cannabis consumers.



Arnold Warkentin

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