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Exciting Announcement: The Pretium Okanagan Cannabis Business Symposium

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Exciting Announcement: The Pretium Okanagan Cannabis Business Symposium


I am thrilled to announce that I will be presenting in Kelowna at The Pretium Okanagan Cannabis Business Symposium. This came together unexpectedly, yet rapidly, for me. This will be my first time to formally educate others about Cannabis. I’m excited about sharing my experiences, knowledge, and insights. I’ll take any excuse to roadtrip to the Okanagan, but this reason is especially fantastic. Speaking at this event is helping me work toward my goal of educating as many people as possible through my words, here and in-person.


Exciting Announcement: The Pretium Okanagan Cannabis Business Symposium


Cannabis Topics to be Discussed


I will be speaking about Cannabis broadly, to ensure we are all on the same page about terms used in the Cannabis Economy. Topics that I’ll cover include the similarities and differences between:


Cannabis Business Topics to be Discussed


On the Cannabis Business side of things, I’ll be discussing several topics as they relate to Cannabinoids, including trends, demographics, health claims, advertising, and retail training. Cannabis advocacy will be promoted, while considering the experiences and needs of consumers. I will advocate for working together to help everyone become informed about Cannabis and Cannabinoids.


For example, many consumers of cannabinoids will experience a Fast Heart Rate (Tachycardia), and we must ensure that they expect this effect and know how to tolerate it well. The Formative First Experiences with Cannabis are essential for appropriate long-term consumption of Cannabinoids. Read more about the Pharmacologic effects of Cannabis.


Exciting Announcement: The Pretium Okanagan Cannabis Business Symposium


Find me on the Speakers List


You can find me at the bottom of the Speaker List by Clicking Here. For those in the Okanagan region, or those involved in the business of Cannabis, this will be fantastic opportunity to learn, network, and collaborate to promote positive changes in the Cannabis market.


I hope to see some of you at this Symposium in the Okanagan, or one of the many others I’ll be attending in British Columbia this year and next. More details to come on those! I’m still trying to be on vacation, so that’s all for now. I’m off for some cannabis, a walk, and some self-reflection. Thanks for Reading!


Arnold Warkentin

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