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Daily Joint #1 – 420 Preparation

In today’s Daily Joint, we will talk about the upcoming day of April 20th, and find out why it’s a special day. This is my first-ever Daily Joint, I hope to write many more. I will generally write shorter, more personal and practical topics through these Daily Joint’s.


Today is like Christmas eve, but for stoners. Tomorrow is 420


I am preparing to head down to my first-ever April 20th or 420 (“4/20” – pronounced four-twenty) celebration here in Vancouver, BC. I am local to Vancouver, but I have not attended this massive annual celebration. While the reasons are complicated, they mainly boil down to legal factors. Cannabis is not legal recreationally yet, but it will be soon.




This collective act of peaceful civil obedience involves music, speakers, and vendors selling a variety of products This event has drawn large crowds for years. Considering the state of legalization here in Canada, I would think this year’s event will be more celebration and less protest.


Location, Location, Location


Historically this event was celebrated in downtown Vancouver by the Vancouver Art Gallery. It is now held at Sunset Beach Park, a much larger and more suitable location. The event will also have a livestream, according to their website. Setting up booths is free and available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Booths also follow a very strict 19+ only rule, along with high cleanliness standards. Combined there are a lot of features that make this an event I highly look forward to attending!



Preparation for the Celebration


You are all adults so I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will anyway. Stay hydrated and bring protection from the sun and the rain. The most important thing I would like to talk about is regarding the form and function of edibles and other infused consumables.


Edibles and other infused Consumables



The Form

An informed consumer should know what they are consuming. Ensure you read labels to determine how strong products are and what strains they include. Booths must follow this rule among others: “Clearly label edibles and other infused consumables as containing cannabis”.


The Function

Smoking Cannabis produces effects that are nearly instantaneous and peak 3-10 minutes after smoking. Consuming edible products can take 60-120 minutes to kick-in, although this can vary.



If you know how these products are supposed to work, you can avoid potential pitfalls around time-delayed cannabis products like edibles and other infused consumables. Knowing that these products are highly potent can help avoid taking an unnecessary or problematic amount.


Problematic Amounts

As someone who has had bad experiences with ‘too much too fast’ edible Cannabis while on a Vancouver beach, I can assure you that it is better to go slow. That is a story for me to tell another day. It is as easy as taking a screenshot of the time to know when you ate the product, and then you can check back to see how long it’s been. Because, as we all know, sometimes we cannot tell time the best while stoned.


Chasing the Dragon

If you must consume more after your initial dose, you may want to smoke instead of eating more. Overdosing does not appear to produce serious health hazards, but it can be a minefield of psychological discomfort (to put it lightly). Enjoy the celebration, just don’t let it sweep you up completely


Thanks for checking out today’s Daily Joint! It was the first of many segments of the Daily Joint. I hope all of you get to celebrate at least a little tomorrow.


Arnold Warkentin

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