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Cannabis and Music: A Perfect Match

Disclaimer: I am not a medical expert. I am sharing my personal experiences and thoughts about Health and Highness. I am sharing my academic knowledge related to the human body, health and wellness, and Cannabis. Please read everything I write critically, and consult a medical professional before making any drastic changes. I am not handing out advice, I am simply hoping to help create informed consumers making informed decisions.


Cannabis and Music: A Perfect Match


We have more access to a vast collection of music, spanning centuries, with an unfathomable explosion of music in existence. Something not many people would have predicted in the recent years before the World Wide Web. We are also gaining access to legal Recreational Cannabis on October 17, 2018.



Unlimited Access, Distant Relationships


I feel that we have more access to, but a more distant relationship than maybe we should. Music is such a powerful emotional experience. Whether listening to classical music or the latest pop music. Many of us develop our primary musical tastes around 15-years-old, and sometimes we stop there. We stop building new memories and experiences with new music like we used to when we younger. This is a common occurrence, but it is not the way it has to be. There are better options that include building a more meaningful relationship with music.


Unlimited Streaming


But there is a nearly limitless amount of music out there. All for the price of like 6-15 a month depending on your stream provider of choice. Use this opportunity to listen to a broader variety of music, and experience new music as often as possible. People are listening to more music than they were. Because we should be, with all the potential masterpieces and emotional roller coasters that would be a shame to miss out on.



The Perfect Cannabis Pairing


And nothing goes better with music than cannabis. In my humble and biased opinion of course. You may agree, as many of my readers probably do. I also hope some of you already disagree with me. So let me explain. Cannabis is a master equalizer drug, better than any synthetic modifier your headphones are capable of adding. That’s because cannabis uniquely affects you, just for you. We all share similarities, but no high is the exact same.


Activities to go with Music and Cannabis


I like walking while listening to music. Others like laying on a couch or stretching on the floor. Do whatever is comfortable for you. But before you get too comfy, grab some legal recreational weed and get high. Hopefully, the smoking requirements in your vicinity are fair and allow for non-overly burdened efforts to find solitude while blazing.



Just a Few Puffs


I say that explicitly because I feel it’s better to smoke a few puffs of a joint, or a small bowl in a portable pipe or small but sturdy bong. Then spend an hour high (give or take an hour depending on your tolerance to cannabis) and go out and have the rest, getting you high once again for an hour or two. That can quickly fill up an evening with two albums, one joint, and an appropriate bed-time, so you’re all rested for the next day.


Spend Quality time with an Album


Of course, I advise a night spent with cannabis and a quality album. That’s just my preference, but I’ve done plenty of both myself. Remember, just a few puffs is all you need. Then get comfy or get walking, and turn-up those tunes. Use you High to experience music more intentionally, to experience emotions and thoughts that arise while you listen. Cannabis can help you develop a deeper relationship to music if you do your part.



Conclusions about Music and Cannabis


Depending on your temperament, you may want to decide on an album before you blaze. Some people prefer getting high and then seeing what they are in the mood for, while others will have a tough time deciding while baked. Find out what works for you by experiencing it. Take 30-60 minutes out of your day to make time to listen to one album today front to back. Where are you going to find this time, since you’re so busy?? Take it away from something else, watch one less episode, stay off Facebook for an afternoon, and turn off that phone. Take the time to do self-care (link) through listening to a quality album today intentionally, and continue building up healthy high habits (link). Thanks for reading!


Arnold Warkentin

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