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Become an Informed Parent – Resources for Learning: Talking about Cannabis with your Teens

Disclaimer: Practical Pointers are based on my personal experiences and education. This is not advice to be blindly followed. What follows are insights I am sharing for you to think about and be critical of while you read. What works for me might not work for you, see a doctor before making any significant choices. I want to help create informed consumers making informed decisions.


Cannabis Talk Kit: Know How to Talk With your Teen – Resource Link and Description


Many of you have a basic understanding of marijuana, but you will be amazing at how uninformed most of us are. For the rare baby boomer parent who doesn’t know what pot, cannabis, weed, dope,  or marijuana are, this is a good place to start. Or for those of any age who want to talk to others, especially minors, about Cannabis. From teachers and coaches to parents and uncles, we all must accept that Recreational Cannabis will soon be legal for adults. We can avoid talking about it, or you can all become informed parents. Below are resources that will help you.




Legal Recreational Cannabis Products


All the terms used in that last paragraph refer to any of the products involving Cannabis and CannabinoidsBecoming legal on October 17, are the cannabis plant, cannabis seed, Dried Cannabis, or Cannabis oil. Edibles containing Cannabis and Cannabis concentrates will not be legal for Recreational use, for up to another year from that day. Start with learning about Cannabis and Cannabis oil products with the resources below.


Psychoactive – Getting Baked


Many of these products are Psychoactive, but not all of them. If someone tells you they have taken a pure CBD product, they will not experience any cognitive effects, what we call being High. Commonly, these products will be in Cannabis Oil form, not the smokable product. If Cannabis is being smoked, the person is likely getting high (there are a few Medicinal Cannabis strains with little or no THC). Being high can affect motor reactions and make people seem relaxed. If you are concerned about the dangerous and aggressive potential of stoned Canadian citizens, I suggest you need to read more resources about Cannabis. You may also want to try some once it’s legal.



Resources about Cannabis


Enough of me talking, here are a couple of resources that can help you further. You have 107 Days to go until Recreational Cannabis is legal. Click on the titles below for each document or link listed. If you want free printed copies of this valuable resource for parents who want to learn how to talk with their kids about weed:


Cannabis Talk Kit: Know How to Talk With Your Teen


Or save some paper and read the PDF version, by clicking below:


Cannabis Talk Kit: Know How to Talk with Your Teen [PDF]



Here is another one page document presenting 5 rules for responsible Cannabis use:


High 5: The 5 Rules of Responsible Cannabis Use [PDF]


What else would Informed Parents want to learn from this blog? Below are a few topics I think are important, as there is plenty of misinformation and stigma around Cannabis. As a parent, if you told your teen not to drink beer because it causes blindness, they would laugh at you. Become an Informed Parent, so you know as much about Cannabis as you understand about Alcohol and Tobacco. Below are resources I’ve written for Informed High:


THC and CBD (Only one gets you high)

What does it mean to be Psychoactive (the high experience)

Haven’t smoked weed since college? What you could expect now from today’s Marijuana

The best way to learn is through experience, what should you buy: Sativa or Indica?

Recreational Cannabis Safety: Total THC per unit

Who is Responsible for What? Jurisdictional Responsibilities

How to Avoid the Lazy stoner stereotype: Health High Habits (for yourself and teaching your soon-to-be adults)


107 Days to go!


Arnold Warkentin

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