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All Good Things must come to an End

All Good Things must come to an End

The last two weeks were meant to be a stay-cation for me, a time to relax and restore some mental well-being. We should all try to take what time we can to get away from everyday life and restore some balance, along with health and wellness to our lives. For me, however, this time-off turned into a last minute move to downtown Vancouver, a busy weekend at Skookum, and lot of administrative work. But it’s coming to an end this week, as my new website is just about ready to launch!


All Good Things must come to an End


I’m about 60% done moving it, but the rest will have to wait. There is so much going on this month it is incredible. I was blown away from the artist playing at Skookum this year, the first time a festival has been hosted in Stanley Park. Located in downtown Vancouver, Stanley park is often rated as one of the best Urban parks in the world. Being much closer to this park, I hope to finally explore it like I’ve always wanted to. Though that’ll also have to wait.


What’s Already Happened


Yesterday, I attended the Cannabis at Work Conference, hosted by Cannabis at Work. I’ll have more to say about this wonderful event in the coming days. This was a fantastic experience for me to hear the opinions of employers and their HR staff as they deal with this upcoming paradigm shift.


All Good Things must come to an End


What’s Coming Up


I have a few more exciting announcements waiting to be released any day now, but first and foremost will be the launch of my new Website, hopefully tomorrow. This launch will be just in time for The Grassroots Expo, hosted by the Georgia Straight. This venue is literally right below my new apartment, so I’m thrilled to have almost no commute for the first time ever.


The Grassroots Expo


This event looks to be an incredibly informative and educational event. I will be posting photos and updates on my Twitter and Instagram, for those interested. For those attending, check out the brochure for an Informed High ad. Read more about the event here: The Grassroots Expo: For the Cannabis Curious


That’s All for Now


That’s all for now. I’ll get back to writing detailed and informed posts regarding Cannabis, health, and wellness starting next week. This weekend is another learning experience and networking opportunity. In the coming weeks I’ll announce a few more of these events I’ll be getting to attend this year, including one in Austria. That’s all I’ll say for now. Thanks for reading and being patient as I try to take some time off for my mental health and well-being. I hope you all get to do the same at some point in this crazy month that is September. Thanks for reading!


Arnold Warkentin



Arnold Warkentin

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