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Where Does The Time Go? High Perceptions of Time: Effects, not Side-effects

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert, but I am opinionated. The ‘High Insights’ category involves plenty of opinions. It is my subjective and personal viewpoint. As with everything I write, you should read it critically. I am not handing out advice. I am merely hoping to help create informed consumers making informed decisions.


Time Just Flies By

When you’re having fun

When you’re enjoying yourself

When you’re mind is able to wander

When you’re able to get lost in the moment


Where does all the time go? High Perception Alterations as Effects, not Side-effects


Seasons change. The days are already getting shorter here in Vancouver. While many of us look forward to the end of summer for the reduction in forest fire-induced Smokey days. The air quality has been noticeably and visibly hazy. I feel like summer just started a few days ago. It’s amazing how fast the time can go by, and Cannabis seems to only increase this effect. That’s why I’m talking about getting High and Time perception today.



Beyond the Normal High Haze


Being high can put us in a haze, we get lost in our thoughts, we get sucked into the moment. Although the focus of our attention may be laughable to a sober friend nearby. To us, while high, we get lost in trains of thoughts heading for new and unexplored territories, or new routes between formerly unrelated topics.


Dazed and Confused Time


Dazed and confused. The dazed portion is accurate, as we focus on some minor detail in the paint. Others use these terms and descriptions pejoratively. They use them as an offensive attack, a claim against some negative consequence of consuming cannabinoids.



Be Specific about Cannabinoids


Firstly, let’s be specific, THC is not CBD and CBD is not THC. One gets you high, and the other doesn’t. I’m talking about the psychoactive THC and being high in this post today. I’m talking about the cognitive effects as they relate to time, as well as attention and perception more broadly. Read more about Recreational Cannabis Safety HereRead about What Cannabis products will be on Sale in October.


Other Claims about our Highs


Others claim this side effect is a problem. Others can find it hard to empathize with those who understand what it means to be High. Those who do consume THC but don’t want to get High ( a perfectly reasonable concern for many Medicinal Cannabis consumers). If you don’t want to get high, then yes getting high is a problem.



I Want to Get High


But I want to get high. I want to be dazed and in a haze. While I think about some inconsequential random fact. Or write words like the ones I’m doing one now. Many of you will be enjoying the effects of Recreational Cannabis and more specifically the Psychoactive THC beginning on October 2017, 2018. If you want information about Quitting or Cutting Back on Cannabis, Read This. Read more about Addiction as it relates to THC and CBD.


Creative High Walks


One of my usual writing spots is while walking on my phone. I’m doing that at the moment. After having a bowl of high-THC Sativa. I wanted to get high. I wanted to daydream as I wandered the streets. By wandering the streets while high, I came up with this entire post. And wrote it while nearly falling off the sidewalk a few times, but I got the words down. And now I’ll head back to my walk and let you think about this.



Times flys by While High


If cannabis makes time fly by, by altering perceptions in some way. And if the time is passing by so fast, that must mean you’re having fun. Could bring high be a fun experience for those wanting to attain it?


Less than Two-Months Time


Recreational Cannabis will be legal for adults in Canada in less than two months. This isn’t a lot of time, so let’s continue to have conversations about this with all those around us. Dispel stereotypes and stigma against cannabinoids, explain simple facts regarding “Cannabis and Hemp” and “THC and CBD” and “Indica and Sativa Strains”. Get the basic facts out in plain sight. Read about Why I Call it Cannabis.



The Need for Time For Conversation


My parents equate cannabis with other Schedule 1 drugs like heroin, meth and LSD. For the vast majority of you reading this (hopefully by now), you’ll laugh at the absurdity of placing all cannabis and hemp products and byproducts in the same category of federal restrictions as LSD and Heroin. This is why we need to learn and discuss. Make time to discuss cannabinoids with those around you, and see what they know or don’t know. Thanks for reading and becoming informed about cannabis.


Nearly Done This Time


By the way, I’m still High. I’m not watching TV. I’m not spending time on Facebook. I’m doing Self-Care by being Active, going for a Walk. I’m still highly productive and building Healthy High Habits. I’m going back to Listening to Music now. Read more about Cannabis Use Disorder.


Arnold Warkentin

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