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Balancing Act: Work Domains, Conferences, Self-Care, and Studying

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Balancing Act: Work Domains, Conferences, Self-Care, and Studying

I’m going to try to provide updates and light-reading while I focus on other things. The other things I’m focusing on are research and relaxation. The things I’m trying to avoid, business, administrative, and networking.


The Five Domains

All five of these domains are critical for a sole proprietor running a blog business, like me. I study the topic, write a blog post, do the formatting, take the pictures, manage the finances, posting to social media, etc. Each of these things falls into one of the categories more or less. Ralaxation will be the broad term I use to describe the balancing act, finding a pace that is tolerable and manageable over long periods. Sprinting is ok once in a while, but its not sustainable.


Hours and Hours

And each can take hours each day. Many hours each week. I try to ensure I have quality posts that are worth the word count I devote to them. Making these resources takes endless hours of studying, and then endless more hours creating content for this blog. I’ve been focusing on the content these prior months. These next couple of weeks will be spent catching up on my Cannabis Science Research studying. Hence this short update today.



September Update

In September, I’ll be posting as often as possible. While attending several conferences and expos. I’ll be live-posting updates and useful tidbits of information. I’ll try to write more detailed reviews in the days following each event. September will be crazy busy.


October Update

October is legalization month. The 17th is commencement day. Halloween this year will be greener than any before it, here in Canada. I’ll be ramping up my networking and content production for this month while I build viewership and develop trust. I hope to become a consistent and reliable source of information, practical, scientific, and creative.



Self-care and Studying Update

These next two weeks, I’ll be trying to focus on my self-care and studying. So I’ll be staying offline as much as possible, and gathering up information to share with all of you. My knowledge of Hemp and CBD-only products should be growing along with many other topics. I also hope to take a few days off to enjoy what’s left of the summer, that’s why I’m heading out for a walk now.


Cannabis as a Tool

Cannabis can be used in many ways. Cannabinoids can be consumed in many ways. When it comes to THC and Getting High, Cannabis becomes a tool. A tool that can be used well, or used poorly. I like to use it to settle my mind as I decompress for the day’s stressors. That is why I’m heading out to use Cannabis responsibly, with intent and purpose. Read more about Addiction and THC and CBD,  or Cannabis Use Disorder if these topics interest you. That’s all for today, thanks for reading!


Arnold Warkentin

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